Block-modular automated refinery for atmospheric refining of oil or gas condensate


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Dear ladies and gentlemen!


At your request, after the conclusion of the contract and 50% of the payment basing on the USDD design documentation, TOR technical specifications, industrial safety expertise, certification of welding technology, welders and certificates of conformity, certificate of origin ST-1, federal permits for the use (operation) we will produce a modern block-modular automated refinery of any capacity (30 tons per day and over) for atmospheric refining of oil or gas condensate to obtain gasoline, kerosene , diesel and fuel oil.

It will be shipped, provided with customs clearance on exports and sent to any country.


We perform:

  • installation on-site, commissioning and training.
  • 24 month warranty.
  • Post-warranty service.
  • Supervision.
  • Climatic version for your region.


Manufacturing period depending on the performance of the factory is 2 months or more.

Product yield according to the fractional distillation under T.B.P. (true boiling point) is indicated in the passport for raw materials.

The cost of the lowest capacity refinery (FUS-30) is 98,000 USD according to the CB exchange rate in Russia.

Full package of original documents for all equipment.

The remaining 50% of the cost is paid after the equipment being manufactured but before its being shipped to you.

We also produce vacuum factories for the treatment of fuel oil, used oil, oil slurries, tars and liquid capacity of 12-15 tons per day or more to obtain 50 to 80% of light base oil and residual bitumen.

Experience in manufacturing equipment is over 16 years.

Equipment is operated in more than ten countries.


Block-modular automated refinery for atmospheric refining  of oil or gas condensate

Each piece of equipment comes with the following technical documentation:

  • passport;
  • strength calculation;
  • the conclusion on the quality control of welded joints by ultrasonic flaw detection;
  • assembly drawing;
  • installation and operation;
  • the certificate of conformity with technical regulations;
  • the certificate of origin ST-1;
  • permission to use (use of equipment) of the Federal Service for Ecological;
  • Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia.


Block-modular automated refinery

Working with us, you will always find the right economic justification, flexible pricing policy, mutually beneficial settlement system.


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We design and produce the professional atmospheric and vacuum factories for oil and raw hydrocarbons treatment of any performance.